Schmetz CHROME Universal Machine Needle Size 90/14, 4010

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Universal needles feature a slightly rounded point and are used for numerous woven and knits.  A great general purpose needle.   Schmetz needs work with all sewing machine brands.  Replacing your needle is the easiest way to improve your stitch quality. Change your needle, damaged or worn needles result in:  broken or shredded threads, skipped or uneven stitches, puckered or damaged fabrics, popping sounds made by the sewing machine.  

Chrome Universal needle size 90/14. 5 needles per card. Chrome needles have the following benefits:

- Less friction on thread passing through the eye
- Penetrates fabric with less resistance
- Smoother stitch creation
- Resists heat for improved durability and performance
- A premium needle not found in big box stores